ICBBI-48SD : 1219 mm Side-by-Side with Dispenser

Newly redesigned, the Sub-Zero ICBBI-48SD side-by-side with dispenser offers ice and water dispensing through the refrigerator door. Exterior refinements include redesigned grilles and lower-profile hinges. Inside, new technology in food preservation makes the new built-ins nothing short of revolutionary.


Model Options:

  • Flush Inset Model - ICBB-48SD/O
  • Classic Stainless Steel with Tubular Handle - ICBBI-42SD/S/TH 
  • Classic Stainless Steel with Pro Handle - ICBBI-42SD/S/PH 

Key Features:

  • Dual refrigeration allows separate compressors to maintain optimum conditions for both refrigerator and freezer, so no air moves back and forth from one to the other.
  • A microprocessor gives you better temperature control, defrosting that senses and then adapts to your use patterns, and a routine service indicator.
  • The dairy compartment is adjustable, with one-door access, compartment divider and a clean design.
  • The grille is easy to clean and remove.
  • The controls are up front and are digital instead of mechanical.
  • Choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit display.
  • The lighting is bright. It spreads light evenly and conceals its source.
  • The depth is shallower than ordinary refrigerators, giving easy access to the whole compartment.
  • Cantilevered glass shelves allow quick repositioning and easy cleaning. They are also spill-proof.
  • The door and interior shelves are all adjustable.
  • The ice maker will keep you abundantly supplied. And thanks to dual refrigeration, your ice will never taste like fish.
  • Our high-humidity compartment is large, deep and has smooth sides. There is even a removable divider.
  • Sub-Zero equipment is built by hand in the USA. Every single unit is extensively tested to ensure reliability.
  • CE Approval
  • Two year residential warranty - exclusions apply - see warranty terms


Refrigerator Features:

  • 4 Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • 1 Stationary Glass Shelf
  • High Humidity Compartment
  • 2 Storage Drawers
  • Adjustable Roll-out Deli Basket
  • 3 Adjustable Door Shelves
  • Adjustable Dairy Compartment
  • Egg Container


Freezer Features:

  • Automatic Ice Maker
  • 2 Adjustable Wire Shelves
  • 3 Storage Drawers
  • 5 Adjustable Door Shelves



  • Panel Grilles for Overlay Application in 25 mm increments from 254 mm to 381 mm high
  • 90 degree and 105 degree door stop kits
  • Stainless Steel Side Panels
  • Stainless Steel Frame Kit to house any combination of 600, 700 and 
    400 tall units together or individually.
  • Handles for Overlay Applications
    - 460 x 19 SS Handle (19 diameter) 
    - 843 x 19 SS Handle (19 diameter) 
    - 613 x 19 SS Handle (19 diameter) 
    - 613 x 25 SS Handle (25 diameter)
    - 770 x 25 SS Handle (25 diameter) 
    - 1062 x 19 SS Handle (19 diameter) 
    - 1124 x 25 SS Handle (25 diameter) 
    - 1400 x 25 SS Handle (25 diameter) 
    - 1622 x 25 SS Handle (25 diameter) 
    - 686mm Curved Handle
  • Full Length L-Shaped Extended Handles converts overlay models to framed design
  • External Water Filter


695 Dimensions: 
Overall Size: H 2134mm x W 1219mm x D 610mm
Door Swing Clearance: 743 mm
Minimum Height Required: 2106mm

Storage Capacity:
Refrigerator: 515.4 ltrs
Freezer: 277.5 ltrs

Energy Rating: 3 Stars

Shipping Weight:
Overlay - 277 kgs
Stainless - 298 kgs