About Eurotech Design

S3_Stainless__Steel_Set.jpgEurotech Design Ltd was formed in 1996, and is part of the Eurotech Group. Eurotech Design specialises in the importation and distribution of European kitchen appliances and accessories. The company has nationwide retail distribution channels and is successfully promoting European brands in the New Zealand market. Eurotech Design Ltd's focus on design, technological innovation and technical support has contributed to it's success and the company is now regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading appliance distributors.

Promotion of leading edge products from some of Europe's most prestigious brands along with a dedication to developing strong long-term customer relationships have all contributed to the success of Eurotech Design Ltd.

With over 200 authorised dealers and distributors throughout New Zealand, Eurotech Design Ltd maintain strong year in year growth and growing market share.


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The Eurotech Group

The Eurotech Group is made up of a number of companies, including Eurotech Design Ltd, HCD Flow Technology Ltd, Euro Project Management, Euro Servicing and Installation and Industrial Agencies Ltd.

The Eurotech Group has grown to be a multi million-dollar company distributing leading global brands of kitchens, appliances, accessories, parts and engineering products through New Zealand wide distribution channels.

To Deliver to the New Zealand market leading global brands with the highest levels of technical support and customer service.