A History of Quality

For more than 60 years, Sub-Zero appliances have  been built with a focus on quality. As a third-generation, family-owned company, Sub-Zero is dedicated to creating exceptional products that are built in the USA.

Superior Construction

Our appliances are constructed by hand in the USA with equal servings of craftsmanship and fresh design. Sub-Zero units are built to last and to keep your food fresher for longer while blending seamlessly into your kitchen aesthetic.

Extreme testing:  

Our refrigerator components go through extreme testing before being approved for use on our products. We put them through temperature ranges from 300 degrees to 50 below and vibration up to 50G’s. We push them until they break, to ensure that our products will perform under far worse conditions then they will ever see in your home.

No Shortcuts:

At Sub-Zero we don’t ignore the fine details. For example, exterior corners are mitered and seamless, with no sharp edges, and there are no visible screws to detract from the aesethic.

Advanced Hinges:

Our hinges don’t just hold a lot of weight. More importantly, they are engineered to allow for greater cabinet customization and tighter reveals.

A Tighter Seal:

Our doors have extra heavy insulation and magnetic doors seals. We literally seal in the cool air.

Unmatched Testing

No one takes testing more seriously than Sub-Zero. Every light, fan and switch on every unit is tested to ensure it is working properly. Every Sub-Zero unit is tested for a minimum of five hours – and often much longer – to make sure it is cooling properly before it is boxed


Sub-Zero refrigerators are built to last. We only use materials that have proven they will stand the test of time, and we do reliability life span testing to ensure our products will last for many years..