Science of Fresh

Preservation Specialists

Made with craftsmanship, innovation and a generous serving of fresh design, Sub-Zero appliances are the definitive kitchen components. As food preservation specialists, our goal is to preserve the freshness of your food longer.

Pioneers of Fresh

From inventing the dual refrigeration, to pioneering integrated and built-in refrigeration, to introducing air purification based on NASA technology, Sub-Zero has always led the industry in innovation.

Beginning with experiments in industrial refrigeration while earning agriculture and mechanical engineering degrees at the University of Wisconsin, Bud Bakke’s work brought Sub-Zero national recognition across the Unites States.

Dual Refrigeration

Sub-Zero appliances utilize dual refrigeration, an innovation that uses separate compressors to maintain optimum conditions in the refrigerator and freezer. Sub-Zero’s dual refrigeration ensures both fresh food and energy efficiency.

Separate Compressors: Dual Refrigeration dedicates separate compressors and evaporators to the refrigerator and freezer. This protects the flavor and texture of your food.

Distinct Compartments: Because each compartment has a dedicated compressor, no air, moisture or food aroma passes between them.

Optimal Humidity: Ideal humidity is another benefit of dual refrigeration, which supplies chilly humid air to keep fresh foods fresh, and frigid dry air to shield frozen foods from freezer burn.

Energy Efficient: Because two compressors share the work, each does its job with minimal effort, which saves energy. Even our largest unit consumes less power then a 100-watt  light bulb.

Intelligent Preservation

The precise controls found in every Sub-Zero appliance are driven by advanced microprocessors that are the brains of the dual refrigeration system. The microprocessors provide pinpoint temperature control, adapt the defrost pattern to your use cycles and even save energy.

Magnetic Doors

It takes a little more effort to open a Sub-Zero door. That’s because of all the effort we put into making sure your food stays fresh once it’s inside. All of your appliances feature one-piece construction and magnetic seals that not only keep your food fresher longer, but also conserve energy. And when you close the door, it even sounds solid.

Food Lasting Longer

Sub-Zero’s dual refrigeration preserves food longer, resulting in less waste.

Preserving Wine

Sub-zero wine storage units are true wine preservation systems, not just coolers. They’re designed to protect your investment from the enemies of wine – heat, light, humidity and vibration.

Heat: Wine stored at temperatures significantly over 56 degrees experience and increased ageing rate, resulting in the maturation of the wine over a very short period of time. Sub-Zero wine storage protects wine from heat damage by employing two independent storage zones.

Light: Much like heat, an overexposure to light affects the aging process in wine. A prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays is thought to contribute to unpleasant aromas like wet cardboard. Sub-Zero’s UV resistant glass shields wine from harmful rays.

Vibration: Vibration adversely affects wine by disturbing the sediments found in the bottle. Sub-Zero’s well insulated compressors are quiet, and operate without disturbing your wine.

Humidity: Storing wine in arid conditions can dry corks, and allow oxygen into the bottle. This can cause oxidation, which gives red wine a brackish color. Dual evaporators, one for each storage zone, maintain steady, moderate humidity within our wine storage units.