ICBID-30RP : 76cm Refrigerator Drawers - Panel Ready

Integrated Undercounter Refrigerator DrawersIntegrated Undercounter Refrigerator DrawersIntegrated Undercounter Refrigerator DrawersIntegrated Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers

Model Options:

  • ICBID-30RP -  Stainless steel panels can be ordered as sale accessories


The all-new Sub-Zero lineup of Integrated refrigeration includes the widest range of models of any brand. The 762mm wide ICBID-30RP Integrated all-refrigerator drawers (a first for Sub-Zero) provide leading food-preservation performance complemented by go-anywhere design flexibility. This model holds 138 litres of food in two storage drawers with removable dividers.


Standout features of the ICBID-30RP include a sliding crisper cover and an air-purification system based on NASA technology. This system scrubs the air of ethylene gas — an organic compound emitted by produce that hastens food spoilage — as well as mold, viruses and bacteria every 20 minutes. The customizable drawer fronts can be fitted with panels and handles that blend in with literally any room's décor — making this a practical, beautiful option in a kitchen, master suite, bar or home theater space.


As with all two-drawer models in the Integrated line, the ICBID-30RP comes with interior LED lighting and stands 876mm tall to fit below standard countertops. Dampened drawer slides result in a smooth, high-end cabinetry feel. Additionally, touchscreen technology allows you to precisely control temperatures and provides more access to more settings. High-quality stainless steel panels and handles are available as sales accessories.



Now You See IT...Now You Don't!

Integrated Refrigeration

With no visible hinges or grilles, Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration can accommodate anything from stainless steel panels and handles to custom panels to match your own cabinetry and hardware. Meaning it’s possible to make your refrigeration indistinguishable from the other cabinets and drawers surrounding it, creating a sleek look to your kitchen.


Many fresh foods emit ethylene gas, a natural compound that hastens spoilage. Sub-Zero's integrated refrigerators come with an anti-microbial air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA) that scrubs the air of ethylene, as well as mold, viruses and bacteria, every 20 minutes.


Every Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator or freezer comes ready to be fitted with custom panels and handles for seamless installation with surrounding cabinetry. The design possibilities are truly endless. High-quality stainless steel panels and handles are available as accessories, too.


This feature, commonly found on high-end cabinetry, gives Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration line-up a rich, sturdy feel and noiseless operation.


Every component of every single Sub-Zero unit is tested in its U.S. manufacturing facilities before assembly, then every completed product is factory-tested for up to 24 hours before shipping. In its labs, components are subjected to electric jolts, violent vibrations and 180?C temperature swings, and tested to stand up to at least 20 years of heavy use.


Crispers and deli drawers are strategically located near the evaporator to maintain temperatures a few degrees cooler than the rest of the unit. Drawers are sealed to lock in humidity and ensure freshness.



The interactive and easy-to-use controls employ touchscreen technology to precisely regulate temperatures and give you more access to more settings. The control panel's small footprint further refines the interior.



Energy-efficient LEDs offer varying degrees of brightness, enabling you to customize preferences by controlling intensity levels.


Refrigerator Specifications:

  • 2 Refrigerator storage drawers with removable dividers
  • Sliding Crisper Cover
  • Air purification system

Available Accesories for the ICBID-30RP:

  • Crisper cover
  • Dual installation kits
  • Stainless steel front panels with tubular or pro handles
  • Stainless steel kickplate
  • Stainless Steel Pro Handles
  • Stainless Steel Tubular Handles


Technical Specifications:
Overall Dimensions: H 876mm x W 762mm x D 610mm
Door Clearance: 610mm
Drawer Clearance: 610mm 

Storage Capacity: 108L


Energy Rating: 3.5 Star


Shipping Weight: 95 kgs minimum