Sustainability - Preserving More Than Food


Green Innovation

From supporting organic farmers and food artisan’s in the USA, to using renewable energy, to extensive recycling, to sourcing environmentally friendly materials and supplies, to providing living wages to our factory workers – Sub-Zero has been ‘green’ long before the term even existed.


Here are just a few ways we put green thinking into practice:


Responsible Manufacturing

Use and Reuse: At our manufacturing facilities we recycle all scrap plastics and metal. Seventy-five per cent of the stainless steel and up to fifty per cent of the plastic in our products are made from recycled materials.


Waste Not: Our manufacturing process produces no wastewater, and we recover all refrigerant used in manufacturing. The refrigerant in Sub-Zero products is non-ozone-depleting.


Clean Machines: To reduce carbon emissions, we drive electric vehicles at the factory.


Made to Last

Sub-Zero products are engineered and tested for extraordinary longevity. This means you find them beautifying their owners' homes through the years, not adding to landfill.

Food Lasts Longer 

Sub-Zero’s dual refrigeration preserves food longer, resulting in less waste.


Light Bulb Story

Sub-Zero products cost just cents a day to operate. Even our largest unit consumes less power than a 100–watt bulb. Dual refrigeration is one reason. Two compressors share the work, so each does its job with minimal effort. The heavy-gauge steel cabinet is fully insulated and doors seal magnetically, holding in cold air and keeping down energy costs.