What's New

Introducing the new Black Glass E-Series single and double ovens.

Wolf continues to listen to designers and homeowners alike when they ask for design flexibility without sacrificing the performance that Wolf has achieved over the years. The beautiful black glass 762mm E series ovens, in both single and double configurations, offer yet another exterior option while still maintaining all functions of our existing E series ovens.


These oven options coupled with the Wolf warming drawer, allow the designers and discriminating homeowners, who want to make a statement, more to choose from in creating their dream kitchen.


Kitchen Trends for 2010


Incorporating different materials and textures in the kitchen is a clever way to highlight and contrast design features. The minimalist kitchen is waning in popularity and through 2010 a stylish mix-and-match approach will emerge. Stainless steel appliances will be teamed with dark wood cabinets and softened by a light timber inlay detailing. The combination of different materials including flooring, cabinetry, work surfaces, and appliances will create more personalised and interesting kitchen spaces.



Country chic kitchens are increasing in popularity and consumers are realising that they can be combined with modern high-tech appliances and don’t have to house gas guzzling ranges. More outdated range cookers can often be compared to a ‘Chelsea tractor’ when it comes to energy efficiency. Operating all year round, 24 hours a day, they consume large amounts of fuel and have high running costs. Both urban and rural based consumers are becoming more eco-savvy and are looking for efficient and reliable products. Sub-Zero’s Built-In line allows for refrigeration to be fully integrated with cabinetry overlay, meaning that traditional style can be incorporated with sophisticated technology.





 2010 is an exciting time for the kitchen, with better technology, slicker designs and higher functionality of appliances than ever before. The new Built-In range from Sub-Zero heralds the emergence of super-technology in the kitchen.  Using mechanics originally developed for NASA, the Built-In line offers the ultimate in food preservation. The new system has been incorporated to eliminate odours, viruses, bacteria and ethylene gases given off by foods which cause quicker ripening and decay. 




Modern range cooking will be big this year and with home entertaining still on the rise, budding hosts and hostesses are opting for the new generation of range cookers such as the Dual Fuel range from Wolf. Eco-awareness and experimentation in the kitchen has created a nation of aspiring home chefs who are more aware of their carbon footprint and are looking for an appliance that can offer the whole package – impeccable design, energy-efficiency, usability and most importantly, delicious results. The Dual Fuel from Wolf offers all of this and more.






More and more we are seeing a move towards integrated appliances which don’t disturb the clean lines of the kitchen, particularly in open plan and minimalist schemes where it is important to maintain a streamlined look. Flush fitting appliances and cabinetry discretely conceal the appliances, offering intelligent design solutions. Sub-Zero refrigeration is available with a flat profile overlay to blend seamlessly into the room whilst Wolf’s E Series oven is the sleekest on the market, fitting in naturally with the kitchen cabinetry to ensure that a flawless finish is maintained.




The demand for high quality and sleek wine storage units has been growing over the last few years and we expect this to continue in 2010.  The wine cellar is very much outdated, wine collections are no longer banished to the basement; instead they are an integral part of the kitchen and dining space, often taking pride of place. Sub-Zero’s sophisticated 400 Series offers efficient storage and wine preservation with separate temperature controlled zones, meaning that both white and red wine can be kept in the same unit.