ICBSO30PM/S/PH : 762mm M Series Professional Single Oven

ICBSO30PM S TH M-Series Single Oven 762mm WideICBSO30PM S TH M-Series Single Oven 762mm Wide

Wolf's ICBSO30PM/S/PH Professional single oven offers a 125 litre oven, with Dual VertiCross™ system, with a choice of red, black or stainless steel controls. You can now match your new M-Series oven with a Wolf convection steam oven, warming drawer or microwave. 


The Dual VertiCross™ system is our most advanced dual convection ever, quickly saturating the oven cavity with consistent heat across all racks. The cooking modes are precise and intuitive, to ensure that the meal you bring to the table is every bit as delicious as the meal you had in mind.


The new Wolf M-Series ovens takes the guesswork out of even the most difficult dishes. Just dial in any of 10 precision cooking modes and the oven delivers the optimal heat and airflow for the dish. No hot or cold spots to spoil your results.


The new Gourmet feature has a menu of 50 presets that automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy. Gourmet tells you the proper rack position, sets the right cooking mode, even adjusts temperature on its own. You just sit back and wait for a perfectly prepared dish.


M series boasts Wolf’s sleekest and most full-featured ovens yet. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, M series ovens seamlessly integrate into any kitchen.


The three new distinct styles of the M series ovens give you the option to choose products that cohesively fit your specific kitchen design.


Contemporary: The minimalist, handle-less design, black glass and a colour LCD touch panel create a sleek look. Offered in single or double 762mm widths.


Transitional: Available in single and double 762mm width, this design can easily integrate into any kitchen design. Transitional ovens are stainless with tubular handles and come with a full-colour LCD touch-panel display.


Professional: Available in single or double 762 mm width. Professional models are stainless with professional handles and combine the LCD touch panel display with control knobs. Signature red knobs are standard; black and stainless knobs are also available.


Choose black, stainless steel or Wolf signature red control knobs - whichever best fits your kitchen décor...



No need to adjust racks or rotate pans - our advanced dual convection system delivers the most consistent cooking ever. Two corner column fans with parallel vertical heating elements work in concert to provide just the right heat and airflow for any dish. Expect faster pre-heating through improved heat saturation and distribution, for delicious results sooner than you thought.



At 144 litres per oven, it's our most spacious built-in oven ever, to accommodate multiple dishes at the same time. Or a larger bird and more trimmings during the holiday season.



Precisely control heat and airflow, providing just the right cooking environment for everything from braised short ribs to empanadas to classic chocolate chip cookies. 10 modes are Convection, Bake, Roast, Broil, Convection Roast, Gourmet, Proof, Warm, Dehydrate and Bake-Stone.



With Gourmet, a menu of almost 50 presets automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy, from pork tenderloin to lasagna to double-crusted cherry pie. Gourmet tells you the proper rack position, sets the right cooking mode, even adjusts temperature on its own. You just sit back and wait for a perfectly prepared dish.



This product, along with many other Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances are certified as Sabbath and holiday-compliant by Star-K Kosher Certification. Certified appliances meet strict religious regulations in conjunction with specific instructions found on www.star-k.org.



Colour touchscreen controls: A colour touch screen makes controlling basic oven functions as easy as ever, while providing advanced control that standard button interfaces can't - for instance, choosing from a library of presets in gourmet mode.

Easily monitor progress inside: Large, triple-pane glass windows and three bright halogen lights give you a clear view of your dish without having to open the door and disturb the cooking process.

Quiet-close doors: Say goodbye to the sound of oven door slams. m series oven doors open and close quietly and easily, thanks to a spring and damper door hinge system.

Standard or flush inset installation: M series ovens can be installed flush with surrounding cabinetry to complement an overall integrated kitchen design.

Pyrolitic self-cleaning: Remove racks and guides, press a button and let your wolf m series oven perform its own cleaning ritual. after the four hour cycle, simply wipe any ash or powder away with a soft cloth.